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Vacation and Holidays in Italy

If you care for a holiday with lots of sun, then a holiday home in Italy is a good bet. The Italian cuisine and homemade ice cream just tastes better.

Vacation in beautiful countryside close to Skagen

Experience a sunset on "the branch" - the tip of Denmark. Find out why both the jetset and ordinary people still go to Skagen in the summer.

Holiday on Bornholm

Enjoy a holiday in the great cities of Bornholm. On Bornholm you can enjoy the beautiful rocky coasts and some of Denmark's best beaches.

Popular destinations

We offer holiday homes to many different destinations. Make your dreams come true and see what we can offer!

Holiday in Denmark

Whether you want a family holiday with children, friends, or just the two of you together, we have the ideal cottage or apartment that will provide you with the perfect setting for a wonderful holiday. provides an overview of a wide range of villas and apartments for rent, in both Denmark and all across Europe.
We have over 30,000 rental homes in 34 different countries, so there is definitely something for every taste and budget.

Here, at, you can easily book your next vacation home at more than competitive prices. We offer you a comprehensive overview of villas and apartments for rental from all the leading agencies. You won’t find a cheaper price anywhere else! In addition, we provide our clients with a price match guarantee on all the apartments we have for rent.

Discover or relive lovely Denmark - rent a cottage by the sea

Perhaps it is precisely this year that you want to rediscover Denmark in the summer? You may have already shown your children how wonderful summer is in Italy and France - now, perhaps, it is time to show them a bit of Denmark and what a Danish summer has to offer. All you have to do is choose where you want to rent a cottage in Denmark. There are certainly many wonderful places you have not experienced yet. Maybe it has been too long since you've last experienced the North Sea’s ferocity, thrown into the waves at Blåvand. Or maybe loop around one of the many beautiful beaches around Denmark. Or maybe you just need to come down a gear at the North Zealand coast? Maybe you would like to go to Skagen and experience the light and the special atmosphere on the top of Denmark. Or perhaps visit the rocky island of Bornholm? Denmark has many popular destinations where the Danes go on holiday - also available off-season.

You can quickly and easily book your next holiday or apartment online, here, at - the sooner you book your holiday, the more you will look forward to it. The best Danish homes are always rented out first - so why not book your favorite holiday today? Then you can go and count the days you have left until your wonderful vacation starts and, in the meantime, thoroughly plan what to see and experience!

Beautiful Skagen

Have you seen the light in the Top of Denmark? During the last century, many artists were attracted by Skagen and its special environment and light. Today, it is both jet and ordinary people who are attracted by Skagen, especially in summertime, when the city’s atmosphere, the harbor and the beaches are very special. Book your cottage or apartment at

The North, splashes of water and wind

Going on holiday by the sea offers long stretches of Jutland, and some of the best beaches - Blåvand is one of the North Sea's most child-friendly beaches. If the sun teases you one day, there are many other available options: from water parks and shopping to many other various tourist activities in the area. 

The blasts of wind on the west coast - especially off-season - are also ideal for a romantic autumn getaway, or a much-needed oasis of peace and tranquility for the whole offers a variety of homes for rent on the west coast.

The Danish islands

Læsø, Samsø, Ærø or Sejerø - holidays on or around some of the many Danish islands are something special. Here, you and your family can experience a very special feeling: being far away from the everyday hustle and bustle. For example, grab the bikes and experience cycling from one end of an island to the other, or take a quick trip to one of the local artists or farm shops, which are often well represented on the Danish islands.

Discovering the Danish cities

Maybe you should just try to discover a new city where you have not been before. For there are plenty of beautiful, cozy and exciting cities in Denmark with interesting deals, and culturally and historically rich. Just embark on experiencing their atmosphere and life. They are just waiting for you and your family to discover them and what they have to offer. You can choose Ribe, Roskilde, Randers, or a completely different place. Whichever you choose, the Danish cities will certainly provide you with new exciting holiday experiences. All you have to do is start! You can rent your apartment at

Active Holiday with the family?

More and more families want to do something active together - mountain-biking, canoeing trip, boating or hiking. And you do not actually have to choose the outside country. The Danish nature proudly offers plenty of opportunities for active holidays for all ages.
At, you will find the perfect holiday home, where you can relax after a long and active day with the family. Maybe in a home with a swimming pool?